The Toshiba Virtual Infini-x Project is an interactive 'product-catalog' for the Infini-x series X-Ray scanners manufactured by Toshiba Medical Systems. The goal was to create a fully functional simulator, which can be operated using the actual controller for the scanner, called the HyperHandle.

Our first step was to rebuild the controller to be easily connectable to a computer. It's interior electronics were replaced by regular joystick and keyboard hardware, so each button would represent a keystroke which the computer can understand. In the meantime the 3D models for each of the scanner models were created with the help of reference models and images. Materials were closely matched to give it a realistic look.

The next step was the programming of the scanner motion. For that we read the thick manuals (that's right!) and visited hospitals which had the actual machines installed. Closely watching it's movements and features we we're able to convert that to our own made code. Finally we put everything together into a standalone application which can be run from practically every computer.


Toshiba Virtual Infini-x

Toshiba Virtual Infini-x is a project I worked on during my internship at Beyond Reality in the Netherlands. The project is intended to be used as a product presentation at conventions, eliminating the need for transporting large medical equipment. For this project I worked on the HID interface of the controller so that it could be used as a joystick in Unity3D. I also worked on the collision response and a timeline editor for predefined motions.


Team Size: ~4 people
Duration: 3 months
Tech: Unity3D (C#)
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