Henry's Potter

Henry's Potter is our submission for the Samsung VR Jam 2016, which was a local jam at our university NHTV Breda. The goal of the jam was for Samsung to find concepts and ideas for the Samsung Gear VR, a headset that can hold a smartphone in it as screen.

We created a virtual pottery where the player can bake different pots. The game will show a template shape that a potential customer is intrested in buying, and the player has to try and replicate this shape himself. Different tools can be used on the clay by manipulating the input buttons on the side of the Gear VR, allowing for extrusion and shaping.

For this game I worked on the actual pot itself. The pot is made up from seperate mesh ring segments with a bone in it, where the bottom and top vertices of the ring are connected to the respective part of the bone. Changing the scale of the bone will cause the ring to expand or reduce in radius.


Team Size: 4 people
Duration: ~5 months
Platform: Android
Tech: Unity3D (C#), Samsung Gear VR


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