EuroScreener is a hobby project I worked on in my spare time. Because I trade stocks in my spare time, I use multiple tools for technical analysis. Most of these tools are oriented towards the American markets and I lacked a proper technical analysis tool for European markets so I decided to write my own.

The application consists out of a backend, written in C++, and a frontend, written in PHP/JavaScript. Both run on the same dedicated Linux machine. The backend is a C++ application that automatically runs every workday (via a cronjob) after the European exchanges have closed. It gathers intraday trading information from various providers via cURL and processes this into indicators and graphs. The indicator data gets inserted into a MySQL database, and the graph data gets exported to individual binary blobs.

The frontend is a web page which reads out the database based on indicator criteria specified by the user. Multiple indicators can be combined to narrow down the search. After fetching the list that matches the criteria from the database, a client-side script will then fetch the binary blobs and generate visual graphs from the data. These requests are cached aggressively to prevent duplicate requests from being send.


Duration: 3 months
Tech: Linux, Apache2, MySQL
AggroBird | 2023