DirectX Render Techniques

My submission for the Graphics Programming 4 course of the International Game Architecture and Design study program at NHTV University. For this assignment we were tasked with implementing several common rendering techniques used in modern games. It was mandatory to implement this in DirectX 11.


Reflection scene with a car that reflects the surrounding (pre-blurred) cubemap.


Refraction scene with glass Stanford bunny that shows the surrounding (pre-blurred) skybox. The glass also uses chromatic dispersion depending on the angle of the view rays.Additionally, the glass also reflects the surrounding using Schlick's approximation.


Sphere model that gets tessellated and displaced using a bumpmap. Specular on the stones is defined by a specular map, and the stones get shaded by a normalmap.The sphere gets tessellated 6 times.


Model that gets shaded with specular and shadows. Shadows that are cast on the model itself are hard shadows, while the shadows on the floor are soft shadows. The floor shadows are softened by sampling a lower mipmap level, depending on the distance to the geometry that casts the shadow.


Duration: 10 weeks
Tech: DirectX 11 (C++, HLSL)
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